Nylon Invisible Zipper for Sewing

Nylon Invisible Zipper for Sewing, 18 Inch Bulk Hidden Zipper Supplies in 20 Assorted Colors

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Nylon invisible zippers for sewing and crafts - pack of 5 counts, available in 20 colors. Please pick a color by the number / name in the dropdown while placing your order.

We stand confidently behind the quality of these zippers as we have used them in our own products and find they're perfect for sewing projects and crafts.

The actual length of the zippers is more than the finished size published here. As shown in the picture it's about an inch extra at the end to provide for the sewing / attachment to garment.

Concealed zippers with nylon coils, polyester tape, and metal sliders; Lead-free; Non-separating closed end zippers; All-purpose; Durable and lightweight; Easy to sew zippers by hand or sewing machine; Colorfast and bleeding free; Fit for indoor or outdoor uses;
Invisible zippers for sewing, crafting, and fashion design; Great fabric zippers for pillow cases, cushion covers, pouches, purses, handbags, pants, skirts, dresses, costumes, and upholstery;

Hidden zippers for sewing with consistent color and quality; Teeth width: 4 mm; Size 3; Overall width: 0.85 in; Zipper length: 18 inches or 46 cm; Polyester tape overall length: 19 inches;